Alex Epstein’s Webinar on The Hook – July 25, 2009

Screenwriter Alex Epstein (of Complications Ensue fame) will be teaching a  webinar in July on one of our favorite subjects: The Hook.

Webinars, as you know, are great, accessible brush-up classes for those in the trenches as well as a low-pressure, low-cost subject intro to new writers.

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The Hook – Get your script read!
Saturday July 25th from noon-3pm EST / 9am-noon PST
Webinar via Topjian


Want an agent, producer or studio executive to read your script? Want your agent to sell your script? You don’t need a well-written screenplay. What you need is a hook: a fresh, compelling story concept that makes anyone want to read your script — and makes the audience want to come to your movie.

Alex Epstein is an award-winning professional screenwriter. He co-wrote the hit comedy BON COP / BAD COP and co-created the TV series NAKED JOSH.

What we’ll do in class:

• What exactly is a hook?
• Examples of great hooks. Examples of movies without hooks.
• Why do some movies without hooks get made? Why does your movie need to have a hook?
• How do you know when you have a great hook? What are the elements that a great hook should have?
• How do you come up with a great hook?
• Once we’ve discussed hooks in the abstract, I’ll call on members of the class to tell us the hook to their movie. (Everyone will send in the hook in advance so I can pick interesting ones.) It can be a screenplay you’ve already written, or one you’re only thinking of writing.
• I’ll get feedback from the class — does this hook work for you?
• I’ll break down the hook and find ways to make it fresher, more unique, and catchier.
• When we’re done exploring hooks, I’ll take questions from the class about screenwriting issues in general.

For more information about Alex Epstein, check out his well-known screenwriting books CRAFTY SCREENWRITING: WRITING MOVIES THAT GET MADE and CRAFTY TV WRITING: THINKING INSIDE THE BOX. Also, check out his blog, COMPLICATIONS ENSUE (

You can sign up for it at the Topjian site.

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