A Brief Pep Talk Amid Economic Panic

Giving our attention to the news media these days is bound to have anyone feeling a little quivery with fear. For writers — the majority of whom aren’t in a position of comfortable wealth in which to easily ride out the turbulence — these times can be especially worrisome.

So this goes out to you, writer-for-hire, who may be taking on extra projects or calling your agent a few extra times this month. And it goes out to you writer-for-pleasure, who may be cutting back on your time at your laptop in favour of extra income-generating activities. It even goes out to me, your humble editor, who finds herself succumbing to all of the above in an effort to restore calm to an unsettled writing life.

This is the Art of Zen Pool at Flickr. It’s a random slideshow posted for your restorative enjoyment by those who interpret their world through a camera’s lens.

Whoever you are and however you write, take one selfish celebratory moment to remember that you put pen to page because that is who you are. No matter what’s happening outside your body and your walls (and your control), your imagination is yours and not a thing can alter it. Do whatever is necessary to honour your talent and your drive, especially in this, a most distracting and challenging time in history and you will be honouring yourself.

We write for as many reasons as there are writers: to relax, to dream, to vent, to explain, to create, and simply because we must. Why do you write?

…now back to our regularly scheduled, much less earnest, blogging.
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