Good Reading & Writing To You in 2009!

Dearest Story Spot readers,

Here at the close of 2008, I’d like to humbly extend my personal gratitude to you for making this year — the maiden voyage of THE STORY SPOT — a brilliantly fulfilling one. Because of your loyalty, your enthusiasm for the site, and your continued sharing of posts among friends, I am inspired anew each and every week to bring you interesting and relevant tidbits to fuel your creativity.

Some of you are new to writing in all its forms and some of your names we recognize from your accomplishments on screen and in print. All of us, wherever we are in our life of learning, share a love for this nutty pursuit of thrilling, zinging, wondrous story. Watch for the expansion of our service offerings in 2009 with the addition of some very exciting names to our roster. Hopefully they, too, will be inspired to share what moves them in the world of storytelling.

Thank you for all you’ve given me. I wish you all continued joy and success in your creative explorations in the new year. Read, write, and come back here to share your thoughts. THE STORY SPOT would not thrive without you, our readers and Twitter followers.

Happy Holiday Season and a story-filled New Year!

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