Hamartia: the Protagonist’s Tragic Flaw at UNK

Identifying your hero’s tragic flaw is likely to be the most powerful first step you can take when creating or rewriting a story. Why? Let The Unknown Screenwriter (UNK, to y’all) fill you in:

A Protagonist’s tragic flaw is actually more like his or her ego defense mechanism. In the beginning of the story and through approximately the third quarter of a story, the Protagonist continually relies on this tragic flaw to get as far as he or she has gotten. Up to this point however, whether they are aware of the flaw or not, they think they need it to get through the day. Consciously or unconsciously…

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Find the fatal flaw early and you’re likely to have an easier time creating the world and events of your story as everything must, in some real way, thread back to your character’s turn away from her starting point. It’s another useful tidbit from UNK for those of you who already know everything there is to know about story as well as for those of you who don’t (um, that would be me).

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