Hear Your Script Before You Hit “SEND”

iScript is a service that provides writers with full audio readings of their screenplays by actors for a cool $225. Send your script and payment, get an mp3 in return. Why? Well, if you don’t read aloud to yourself (as you should, shame on you) then this might be the ticket. You may be a director without time to sit through a table reading. Perhaps you want to allow that potential financier to experience the world of your script without all those tedious words. And perhaps, like the jaunty “handsome exec” in the photo, you just have better things to do with your Prada’d eyes on a Tuesday morning.

It’s silly and infuriating and dead-on useful all at once so it’s bound to be an indispensable hit in this town any day now. I’m waiting for The YouTube Players to sell quick turnaround productions using celebrity doubles. And why not?

As John Stewart said, “Hello non-readers!”

iScript.com. Hearing is Believing

NOTE: A *free* option is to attend Peter Coogan’s ALT.SCREENPLAY Thursday nights at Venice’s Beyond Baroque. Peter’s been hosting these sessions where writers and actors collaborate for several years now. While the group loves documentary writers, all screenwriters and genres are welcome. Sessions resume, after a summer break, in September, 2008.

And a tiny url for your sharing pleasure: http://tinyurl.com/cnm8csh

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