The Height of Nerdoscity

I’m a dork. Even worse, I’m a Facebook dork. And who can I tell but you, dear reader, that I’ve recently become one-FaceBook-friend-removed from James Frey.

I know. Who cares, right? But hey, this guy got literary tongues a waggin’ and for more than a blink too. Is he a big fat liar? When will his name cease to be mentioned in the same sentence as the word, “liar”? Dunno. Don’t care. This guy got people to R-E-A-D and talk about books again and he writes about Los Angeles in his new novel. Love ya, buddy.

Visit James Frey’s BigJimIndustries where you can leave a message on his cell. Then, when you’re done with that, head on over to and pick up your fresh copy of Bright Shiny Morning.

And a tiny url for your sharing pleasure:

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