Jay Walker’s Library of Human Imagination And You

We writers are imagineers. We are seers. We create emotional experiences for tomorrow’s readers, viewers, and listeners through our stories today. Inventor Jay Walker is the curator of the Library of Human Imagination. The private library is his personal monument to human ingenuity — without which we writers would be lost. It is, without doubt, glorious.

This TED talk offers not only an interesting bit of history about the printed book but also Walker’s take on creativity:

So how do we create? [...We] create by surrounding ourselves with stimuli, with human achievement, with history, with the things that drive us and make us human. The passionate discovery, the bones of dinosaurs long gone, the maps of space that we’ve experienced, and ultimately the hallways that stimulate our mind and our imagination.

And though Walker speaks about the TED conference in general, below, his words can be applied to each of us as we create new stories every day:

[It] is all about patterns in the clouds. It’s all about connections. It’s all about seeing things that everybody else has seen before but thinking about them in ways that nobody has thought of them before. And that’s really what discovery and imagination is all about.

Jay Walker’s Library of Human Imagination on TED.com
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