Jim Krusoe’s “Erased” On Shelves Now

Novelist Jim Krusoe’s latest book, Erased, has been named by The Los Angeles Times as a must-read for the summer. Krusoe discusses his work (see: Girl Factory)and reads an excerpt on KCRW’s Bookworm.

In Erased, Krusoe takes on a dead mother who mysteriously sends notes from the beyond to her grown son, Theodore, the owner of a mail-order gardening-implement business. “I need to see you,” the first card reads. Theodore does what any sensible person would: he ignores it. But when he gets a second card that’s even more urgent, Theodore leaves his quiet home in St. Nils for a radiantly imagined Cleveland, Ohio, to track down his mother. There, aided by Uleene, the last remaining member of Satan’s Samaritans, an all-girl biker club, he searches through the realms of women’s clubs, art, rodent extermination, and sport fishing until he finds the answers he seeks.
– From Tin House Books

Jim Krusoe teaches at Santa Monica College and is a mentor in the MFA program at Antioch University Los Angeles.

Erased at Amazon
Author Q & A and more at Tin House Books
Listen at KCRW/Bookworm

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