The LA Observed Script Notes Project

A very exciting project has been happening over at LA Observed, our venerable blog-about-town. Screenwriter Eric Estrin wanted to see what would happen if a group of strangers collaborated publicly on a single screenplay about this, our City of Angels.

He posted a premise, loose guidelines, and an open invitation.
Nineteen writers answered the call and a story was born.

The result, Right of Way, is

…a dark, fictional look at the underbelly of LA transportation politics, complete with glamour, corruption, overweening ambition, betrayal and murder.

And now, THE STORY SPOT has joined the collaboration. What’s not to love?

The LA Observed Script Notes Project is the blog’s first all-hands script project. Beginning in February, 2008, interested writers emailed their scene contributions to Estrin who selected the best then added them to the publicly posted script (read it here). Now, the work continues.

Being enthusiastic advocates of the creation of stories in all forms, we at THE STORY SPOT were eager to jump in and will be helping to shape the many parts into the seamless cinematic tour de force it promises to be (we aim high here at the Spot). We’ll join the collaboration with the goal of letting the strong ideas and storylines shine while allowing the flavor of the writers’ collective voices bring local richness to the tale.

So stay tuned. Anything could happen! Updates on LA Observed Script Notes Project will be posted on the project site and are available by RSS feed.

Thank you Eric and all for the chance to be a part of something home-grown by LA writers!

The LA Observed Script Notes project is:

  • Alex Austin
  • David Benullo
  • Bill Braunstein
  • Michael Breiburg
  • Dianna Brown
  • Glenn Camhi
  • Maria Paola Chironi
  • Steve Chivers
  • Elizabeth Cosin
  • Eric Estrin
  • David S. Klein
  • Jerry Lazar
  • Jonah Lazar
  • KP Mackie
  • Mitch Paradise
  • Paul Smolarski
  • Arthur Tiersky
  • Irene Turner
  • Eric Volkman
  • Marvin J. Wolf

Eric Estrin’s Script Notes Project at LA Observed

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