Our 100th Twitter Follower!

Who knew? It’s so very exciting to have 100 story enthusiasts with us here at THE STORY SPOT via the Twitter service. We’re relatively new to *actually* using this simple yet powerful service (though we’ve been interested lurkers since Day One). It’s been brilliantly rewarding to interact with you all in this meaningful and immediate way. So thanks everyone.

This week, Blake/Evenlake, the man behind http://domesticfather.com and http://evenlake.com became the 100th person to follow THE STORY SPOT via Twitter. To celebrate this completely random yet momentous occasion, we awarded Blake with a gift of a free story consultation service. He seems happy about it all so that’s a good thing. We’re quite thrilled ourselves. Congratulations, Blake and thanks for coming along for the ride.

To the rest of you out there in Lurker Land, through the end of 2008, Twitter followers of THE STORY SPOT may purchase any one service from our menu and receive 20% off the listed price. Yep, that’s right. To get this very special offer, send a direct message via Twitter to @thestoryspot with the service you’d like to purchase. We’ll get back to you with your 007-style discount code. But you must “follow” to get the goods.

Tweet Tweet, y’all. Spread the word.

And a tiny url for your sharing pleasure: http://tinyurl.com/bnsznlu
  1. Just wanted to update you, albeit a little later than I expected.

    I am in the middle of the story of the story consultant at my blog. From the reaction of one of the commenters, I’d say your services were quite a hit.

    “This blog is turning into such a good read. More story consultants to advise bloggers I say!”

    Thanks again, Diane!

    Blake says:
  2. I’m happy to hear your writing is going well, Blake. That’s great news!

    dianejwright says:

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