Peas in a Literary Pod

As you know, dreaming up worlds and the characters who inhabit them is work done mostly in the company of one’s self. For those moments when our creations become vivid in our minds, it is just us and the page — even when working in a writers’ room or a collaborative partnership. So I thought I’d offer this post up to you to share some of the places where writers gather to let off steam, ask for advice, chat about the weather, or just lurk secure in the knowledge that there are other oddballs out there holding imaginary universes aloft and alive. It’s a bit LA-centric so I’m counting on the rest of you to fill it out!

  • SheWrites. “A new social network where women writers working in every genre—in every part of the world and of all ages and backgrounds—can come together in a space of mutual support.”
  • InkCanada on Facebook. For “Canadian Screenwriters & their sketchy friends (all are welcome).”
  • The AWP Writers’ Circle. An online forum from the Association of Writers and Writing Programs.
  • Los Angeles Poets & Writers Collective. “The Collective is made up of hundreds of Los Angeles poets and writers who have studied at one time or another with Jack Grapes. We hold readings, writing classes, seminars, retreats, dramatic productions, and sponsor the publication of books, anthologies, and literary journals.”
  • AltScreenplay. Writers and actors gather to read Indie scripts and documentary treatments.
  • Wordspace. Brenda Varda’s Los Feliz venue “providing space for creative development & collaboration while developing partnerships between writers (& writer/performers) and producing organizations.”
  • Book Party! A lively reading series and cocktail hour in Culver City brought to you by Emily Benz and Liz Anderson.
  • Rhapsodomancy. The five-year-strong reading series and cocktail hour hosted in Hollywood by Wendy C. Ortiz and Andrea Quaid.

It would be a good thing if we could build this resource together and make it as international as you all are. If you are part of a local or virtual community of writers, why not post the info in the comments and share the love?

And a tiny url for your sharing pleasure:

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