The Purity of Imagination. Witness!

Extraordinary cuteness aside, I wanted to share this with you. You, storytellers. You, weavers of imaginary worlds. Little Capucine reminds us of the sheer pleasure there is in allowing stories to appear right before our eyes, without forethought, software, or seminar-approved paradigms and definitely without straining for the best word. Sometimes the thread is all there is and it is good.

Without further adieu, I present Capucine! Via the blog of my cherished friend, novelist Susan Taylor Chehak.

And a tiny url for your sharing pleasure:
  1. This is beautiful. As a mother of now adult children I wonder how many times I failed to just stop and listen to the probably magical stories that came straight from their head, their hearts and their imagination! Living in the US and not having been smart enough to learn French or any other language other than my own native tongue I must say, I could listen to this little girl for hours, even without the subtitles (although the story was great and I'm glad the subtitles were there). Thank you.

    Julie Jeffs says:

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