Screenwriter’s Assistant/Typist Gig in Silver Lake

This seems to be ideal for you LA-based novelists out there who have asked about learning screenwriting or for someone entirely new to the game who wants a bit of low-stakes experience.

From the Weekly Production Job Alert:

Starts: Possibly Monday the 14th Sept (About three months.)

I’m a professional Italian screenwriter who is looking for a screenwriter assistant. The candidate needs to be a native English speaker with a MFA in Screenwriting or Creative writing. The perfect candidate would be someone who has recently graduate and he is looking for experience.

The script we’ll be working on is an original drama with a flavor of Once. You’ll write on my laptop connected to a big screen using Movie Magic Screenwriter. I’ll dictate to you actions and dialogues. I will retain the copyright and full credits for the script.

I’m looking for someone for at least 20 hours per week during the morning or early afternoon. The perfect time would be between 9AM to 1PM. If we work well together, I will pay you hourly based on your experience and attitude. Please email me your resume at and I’ll get back to you.

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