ScriptShadow: Recent Deals Served Fresh

Scriptshadow is the blog by Carson Reeves that lets us eyeball screenplays that have been recently purchased in this big machine we romantically call “Hollywood”. Makes a nice complement to your Done Deal Pro and IMDB Pro subscriptions, no? (Plus, it’s free!)

Here’s how Carson describes his work:

Scriptshadow started off as a small intimate blog whose purpose was to review and make available recently sold spec scripts for amateur writers to study so that they could improve their own writing.

But then came The Man:

Fortunately/Unfortunately, the blog has grown to a place where me posting scripts has become impractical. I’ve received enough legal urging to convince me it’s not worth the risk. As a result, from this point on, I’ll only be reviewing scripts and not linking to them.

Still, he provides a great resource for those who like to be in the know.

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Thanks, Mike H. for the tip!

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