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Dunsin Oyekan | 10:41 | 111,091

The heart cry of a worshipper.. Track 3 in THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM ALBUM....Available on all digital platforms worldwide... David the Psalmist...

MORE THAN A SONG - Dunsin Oyekan

Dunsin Oyekan | 11:58 | 835,120

Worship is more than a song... Friends, this should be our proper response to God's marvellous mercies, that you surrender yourselves to God to be...

OPEN UP - Dunsin Oyekan

Dunsin Oyekan | 10:31 | 2,214,814

BRAND NEW MUSIC... OPEN UP... There are dimensions and realms in Christ that my generation must see! Let every blockage be opened now! For...


Dunsin Oyekan | 10:42 | 386,207

Extol HIM who rides in the clouds by HIS name YAH. The most sacred name of GOD... Track 4 on the new album released today - THE GOSPEL OF THE...


Dunsin Oyekan | 11:33 | 5,872,855

B.R.E.A.T.H.E What God put into Man in Gen 2’7 was not oxygen, what HE put into us was His very essence- SPIRIT and LIFE... And across...

Fragrance To Fire - Dunsin Oyekan

Dunsin Oyekan | 10:58 | 2,144,612

Your Worship is first a Fragrance then it turns to Fire in the hands of the Father... This is how battles are won! See Revelations 8:1-5 I sensed...

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