Stealth Cubicle Classics

All hail the New Zealand Book Council for their brilliant (!) tool for the office denizen cum literature aficionado. They’ve created a flawless website that allows readers to delve into classics of fiction and poetry. Twain, Swift, and Kiwi natives such as Charlotte Grimshaw and Fiona Kidman are all avaialble cleverly disguised in a functioning Windows interface. Texts have been converted to pseudo-PowerPoint presentations so you can appear to be a busy cog in the machine while actually being busy building a better you. Three cheers for using their noodles to keep people reading. Try it yourself!

We won’t talk about why reading an actual book at the office is so darned verboten but we will sing the praises of New Zealand for having a Book Council.

Thanks again, Very Short List/VSL.

The New Zealand Book Council’s Read at Work site

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