Storytelling for a New Age

Lance Weiler, an American filmmaker, writer, and director, tells Ireland’s about the ways story forms are adapting as audiences change. We don’t often cover “new media” here on THE STORY SPOT but, as always, old is new again…

The tools I use are no longer simply cameras ― they are mobile and feature real-time web apps. Storylines, characters or scenes now exist beyond one screen or format. My stories spill out into the real world and guide audiences from one experience to another.

While the human need to share experiences in an engaging way endures, the ways we do so continue to evolve with society. Reality television, alternate reality gaming, Twitter fiction and other new forms may all feel vastly different from telling tales around a campfire but remember that the heart of each form remains people sharing what it is to be human. The ways we do that well will never change.

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