Suspension of Disbelief

The “Logic Nazi” strikes! Craig Mazin over at The Artful Writer posts about the workings of the little left brain freak within us all who is preoccupied with fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together when watching films (and reading stories, of course).

You know that curmudgeon. Endlessly picking up clues and slotting them into some ancient, predetermined framework. A few pieces are allowed to poke out here and there but let one raise its ugly head too far and look out! Your whole waking dream is shattered. And bitterly so.

…you can only suffer so many shots below the waterline before the ship starts to sink. If the audience’s illusion of intention is repeatedly or grossly challenged by logic problems, they will revolt.

Thanks Craig. I thought I was the only one who just couldn’t get by the “magnetic thing” in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

By the way, if your story consultant isn’t a “Logic Nazi” then you’re in deep trouble. I’m just sayin’.

The Logic Nazi at The Artful Writer

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