Amazon’s New “Omnivoracious” Books Widget

The World’s Biggest Bookstore–oops, I mean, have recently launched a new widget that you may want to share with your own readers.

It’s a stream of commentary on everything and anything related to reading.

THE STORY SPOT is going to observe for a while before adding the widget here. We want to offer you only info you that find valuable. While this Omnivoracious stream immediately intrigues, it also appears to be as very, very broad for our collective tastes.

If you do end …

Wisdom from Author Donald Ray Pollock

My advice is [that] you have to sit in the chair and you have to read other people’s stuff and you have to do it all the time. If you can do those two things, you’re well on your way.– Donald Ray Pollock

Donald Ray Pollock is a newly published writer who was recently interviewed on Michael Silverblatt’s Bookworm. The quote above is taken from that interview.

Incidentally, authors are …

2008 WeHo Book Fair — This Weekend!

That’s right, book lovers. It’s that time of year once again when the City of West Hollywood throws open its ever-lovin’ arms to welcome readers, writers, and aficionados of all things literary. It’s the 7th annual West Hollywood Book Fair and it’s going to be another beautiful Sunday afternoon in the California sunshine.

More intimate than the splendiferous LA Times Festival of Books, the WeHo Book Fair allows plenty of time and space to leisurely peruse works of local …