What Script Readers are Really Thinking

This marks the first of what we hope will be many articles written for you, our readers, by you, our readers. As “How to Be a Script Reader and Give Great Coverage” continues to be one of our most popular posts (according to Google, anyway), we’ve invited a script reader living deep in the studio trenches to give us a peek into the inner workings of The Gatekeeper.


by The Bitter Script Reader

Many aspiring screenwriters …

How to Be a Script Reader and Give Great Coverage

I received an email today from someone in New York asking how to become as Script Reader and I thought, “If she wants to know, maybe you want to as well. “

Reading services aren’t just for the big studios, there are directors, actors, producers, investors, and book publishers everywhere who need screenplays evaluated–or “covered”.

Here’s what I told her: Read a …