Waxing Rhapsodomancy

Today’s LA Times featured a great cover piece by staff writer, Pauline O’Connor, about Antioch’s very own Wendy Ortiz and David Ulin. It’s true, dammit. People do read in LA…books, I mean…novels, I mean.

They do. Just not in their cars where we can see them.

And, in case you missed my thousand-and-one plugs attempting to draw …

That’s Me Reading in Echo Park This Thursday

Hi all. Just a note to let you know that I’ve been invited to read at the inaugural event for 826LA’s new Echo Park location. It’ll be low-key affair with a few cocktails beforehand. For those of you know aren’t familiar with 826LA, it’s the non-profit group founded by Dave Eggers (of McSweeney’s publishing and “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” fame) …

Calling All Writers

Got an hour per week to save this country? Help a kid with their reading and writing skills.

Here’s an appeal from our friends over at 826LA (and soon to be, 826LA East):

Hi there, friend of 826LA!

The fall season is, ahem, falling upon us, and as fall seasons go, this one is bringing in an abundant number of eager young …