Call for Canadian Comedic Screenplays

This just in via InkTip, the membership-only site that provides “24/7 access to the best selection of screenplays and writers anywhere on the Internet. Access is free to qualified producers, directors, agents, managers, and name actors.” (From the InkTip site).

Byron A. Martin Productions Inc. – Comedies from Canadian Writers

We are looking for completed feature length-comedy or dramedy scripts from Canadian writers. Please note that, …

Screenwriter’s Assistant/Typist Gig in Silver Lake

This seems to be ideal for you LA-based novelists out there who have asked about learning screenwriting or for someone entirely new to the game who wants a bit of low-stakes experience.

From the Weekly Production Job Alert:

SCREENWRITER ASSISTANT – Buce Films, Silver Lake. Starts: Possibly Monday the 14th Sept (About three months.)

I’m a professional Italian screenwriter who is looking for a screenwriter assistant. The …

Variety Launches New Job Search Site

Industry staple Variety has launched, its entertainment industry-focused job search site. They’ve transformed TheBiz, their effort at social networking, into a for the industry.

Where else but in Hollywood will you see these four jobs posted right next to each other reminding us all that it’s one tiny flopped feature from the corner office to …