Know Your Story

If you haven’t heard, ScriptFrenzy month is nigh: April 1-30, 2010.

Whether you’re playing along or not, here’s a bit of sage advice for all writers from Greg Marcks–as posted on the ScriptFrenzy site.

I don’t have ten tips, or five tips, or even three tips. I can only give you one tip: Please, for the love of all that is holy, know your story before you start writing.

This is …

826LA Screenwriting Seminar for Grown-Ups

We heartily support 826LA and it’s with pleasure that we bring to you one event from their new series of seminars geared at adult writers. The Screenwriting seminar promises to be another winner. In true 826 fashion, they’re calling out the big talent (amazing screenwriters including two, yes TWO, Academy Award nominees and a host we all know and adore) to raise funds for the …

Donate Your Spectacles

Treasured readers, today I’m adding a cause to The Story Spot that I think might be relevant to many of you. The Give the Gift of Sight Foundation will give your old eyeglasses (and free vision care) to someone who needs them.

Got a new prescription? Ship your old specs to someone who’d like to see (and read!) as clearly as you …