Crushing It: An Interactive Twitter Soap

Now here’s something interesting in the world of interactive storytelling. Crushing It is a comedy series/soap unfolding right now, in real time, on Twitter. How’s that, you say? Series Creator Jill Golick has dreamed into reality a setting, characters, and a hijinks-fraught storyline then turned them loose on Twitter for one week only.

“Think of this as an improv performance on the virtual stage of the Internet,” they say. We’ll think of it …

Opertoon: Taking Interactive Stories to a New Height

From acclaimed artist Erik Loyer comes an innovation in storytelling. Billed as a “Tamogatchi for adults,” Opertoon is an interactive story between lovers played out on your iPhone.

Ruben & Lullaby are lovers having their first fight. Whether they break up or make up depends on you! Shake to make them angry. Stroke to make them sad. The future of their relationship is in your hands.

Writers, here is your glimpse into your future.Continue Reading »