Ray Bradbury’s Advice to Budding Authors

“Make a list of ten things you love and write about them. Make a list of ten things you hate and kill them. Make a list of the things you fear and make your own personal nightmares.” — Ray Bradbury

The fab five: Canlit’s hottest up-and-comers

From the Globe and Mail this weekend, a tasty roundup of Canada’s latest literary stars. Add these authors to your Goodreads list and dive in!

With eBooks replacing hardcovers, social media replacing book tours, Amazon replacing bookstores, and bookstores replacing books with gardening supplies, the state of the book business (and of books themselves) remains uncertain.

Read “The fab five: Canlit’s hottest up-and-comers” by Kate Carraway and Victor Dwyer at globeandmail.com

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Is Screenwriting Dead? From JohnAugust.com.

Self-explanatory title, no? Here are some choice bits. Check out johnaugust.com for the full meal deal.

I had a president of production ask for a free rewrite before he gave it to his chairman. Not a polish. He had notes. True multi-week notes. That doesn’t strike me as a producer’s polish. That strikes me as flat-out abusive.

…that seems to be what people want. If I can’t magically say, “Yes, here is my crystal ball, it outperforms THE HUNGER GAMES, don’t worry about it,” they …