Tara Ison’s The List

Here’s a shameless plug for a friend’s book. I just finished it (though it’s been out for a little while) and I highly recommend you pick up a copy.

Tara Ison’s The List is firmly set in LA, offering tidbits of life in a city obsessed by stories told on celluloid. Tara’s writing is witty, fun, …

Waxing Rhapsodomancy

Today’s LA Times featured a great cover piece by staff writer, Pauline O’Connor, about Antioch’s very own Wendy Ortiz and David Ulin. It’s true, dammit. People do read in LA…books, I mean…novels, I mean.

They do. Just not in their cars where we can see them.

And, in case you missed my thousand-and-one plugs attempting to draw …

Well, that’s just great.

Looks like money talks and deep-thinking education walks.

Antioch was: • one of the first co-ed colleges • first to name a woman as full professor • one of the first to eliminate race as an admission requirement

Some well-known alumni of Antioch College Lawrence Block: novelist Olympia Brown: women’s suffragist Leland C. Clark Jr.: chemist, built the …