NaNoWriMo Approacheth!

For those of you unfamiliar with the psychosis-inducing exercise that is National Novel Writing Month (inconveniently known as NaNoWriMo), behold. Every November, hoards of slightly *off* writers plunk down at their keyboards and legal pads hellbent on composing 50,000 words that will, with some luck, jell into the beginnings of a novel. It takes thirty days of frenzied doing and it’s a crazymaking good time. …

Amazon’s New “Omnivoracious” Books Widget

The World’s Biggest Bookstore–oops, I mean, have recently launched a new widget that you may want to share with your own readers.

It’s a stream of commentary on everything and anything related to reading.

THE STORY SPOT is going to observe for a while before adding the widget here. We want to offer you only info you that find valuable. While this Omnivoracious stream immediately intrigues, it also appears to be as very, very broad for our collective tastes.

If you do end …