Susan Salter Reynolds on Fiction: The Antidote

A recent piece in the Los Angeles Times by staff writer Susan Salter Reynolds offers writers and readers a reminder of the transcendence of the written word in the Age of Distraction.

A few choice quotes:

[L]iterature has a big head start when it comes to helping us live our lives. On the world map literature would be Europe and the Internet, America. Escaping is one thing — science fiction, romance novels and nonfiction make excellent magic carpets — but for turning …

Borrowing Books is the New Amazon Pre-Order

Books? For free? Whatchatalkin’aboutWillis?

Recent economic troubles, it seems, has boosted library use. And why not? Libraries are in every community, often carry the latest releases, and are there just for you. So get back to your grade-school roots and check out and/or donate books. You’ll make your local librarian happy and re-discover the joy of sharing. Do it in time for the weekend and you’ll have picked up somewhere wonderful to get lost.

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Jay Walker’s Library of Human Imagination And You

We writers are imagineers. We are seers. We create emotional experiences for tomorrow’s readers, viewers, and listeners through our stories today. Inventor Jay Walker is the curator of the Library of Human Imagination. The private library is his personal monument to human ingenuity — without which we writers would be lost. It is, without doubt, glorious.

This TED talk offers not only an interesting bit of history about the printed book but also Walker’s take on creativity:

So how do we create? [...We] …

Amazon’s New “Omnivoracious” Books Widget

The World’s Biggest Bookstore–oops, I mean, have recently launched a new widget that you may want to share with your own readers.

It’s a stream of commentary on everything and anything related to reading.

THE STORY SPOT is going to observe for a while before adding the widget here. We want to offer you only info you that find valuable. While this Omnivoracious stream immediately intrigues, it also appears to be as very, very broad for our collective tastes.

If you do end …