ScriptShadow: Recent Deals Served Fresh

Scriptshadow is the blog by Carson Reeves that lets us eyeball screenplays that have been recently purchased in this big machine we romantically call “Hollywood”. Makes a nice complement to your Done Deal Pro and IMDB Pro subscriptions, no? (Plus, it’s free!)

Here’s how Carson describes his work:

Scriptshadow started off as a small intimate blog whose purpose was to review …

How To Be An Overnight Success

Here’s your Friday thought:Expertise can be yours with a simple 10,000 hour investment.

We writers–high-school students to showrunners to Nobel Laureate novelists–certainly know a few things when it comes to creating stories. We make people laugh, we make them cry, and–if we’re lucky– our audience claims our stories as a part of them forever.

Even that phenomenal success does not necessarily mean we may claim the title of “expert”…not in its truest sense, anyway (for there is much room in our culture for casual use …

Special Guest: Jim Cirile on Your Agent Relationship

Our friend Jim Cirile over at Coverage Ink: The Screenwriter’s Advantage and Writers on the Storm posts a chock-full-o’-goodies newsletter to his subscribers-only list. But lucky you! We’re reposting an excerpt here for you.

Jim’s February, 2009 installment included this useful reminder: “The 5 Best Ways to *Lose* an Agent.” Witty, insightful, and oh so true, here is Jim’s article, posted with permission, for THE STORY SPOT readers to enjoy.

“Got agent? Good. Now can you hold onto them? …