Hear Your Script Before You Hit “SEND”

iScript is a service that provides writers with full audio readings of their screenplays by actors for a cool $225. Send your script and payment, get an mp3 in return. Why? Well, if you don’t read aloud to yourself (as you should, shame on you) then this might be the ticket. You may be a director without time to sit through a table reading. Perhaps you want to allow that potential financier to experience the world of your script …

LA Litscape.com Calendar on Strike?

What’s up over at the LA Litscape.com calendar? The thing’s been dwindling steadily in past months and now there’s nary a single event in sight. Are our intrepid editors too busy to update the salivating masses or (gasp!) is there a dearth in real, live literary events on the horizon?

Waaay back in Feb/07, why, you couldn’t catch your breath for the bookworminess in our fair burg. Now? Eep!

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