Breaking the Rules: When. How. Why.

A good question worth sharing was posted by writer/member Louise F. over at SheWrites: Screenwriters & Story Editors. Louise asks:

Since I caught the screenwriting bug about a year ago, I have been more sensitive to structure and tropes. Is the three-act frame out of date or overdone? I read in a screenwriting web site (from a supposed pro) that plenty of successful films buck the trend and are better for doing so. I read earlier that a 90-min. script should …

Ground Rules: Set Them Early

When you create a whole new universe, you also need to create some rules,” writes Lisa Klink of “What It’s Like“, her blog about living and working as a screenwriter.

Even when not creating stories involving supernatural powers, imaginary realms, or talking creatures, writers must still be aware of laying the groundwork for a plausible tale.

For instance, if your protagonist is a habitual shoplifter, it helps …