Special Guest: Author Blake Snyder on The Midpoint

Our very special guest, Blake Snyder, author of the bestselling (and indispensable) Save The Cat! series of books on screenwriting, offers THE STORY SPOT’s readers guidance on that notoriously difficult pillar of any story: The Midpoint. (We’ve added the product links below to help you find your way.)

Midpoint – The Key to Cracking Any Story

In both my Save the Cat! books and also my …

Your First 10 Scripts

Russell over at The LA Grind posted this most excellent (and entirely accurate) look at the piles of scripts littering our desk, floor, shelves, and spilling forth from the drawers.

Okay…even THE STORY SPOT crew doesn’t have that many original plays spilling forth and cluttering all corners but ten? Heck yes. And Russell’s right on the money with the role each one played along the way:

1-3 scripts – shite. Don’t show them to people unless you are really secure …

The LA Observed Script Notes Project

A very exciting project has been happening over at LA Observed, our venerable blog-about-town. Screenwriter Eric Estrin wanted to see what would happen if a group of strangers collaborated publicly on a single screenplay about this, our City of Angels.

He posted a premise, loose guidelines, and an open invitation.Nineteen writers answered the call and a story was born.

The result, Right …

Scripped: Online Screenwriting Software

For those of you collaborating on projects from afar, here’s something new to consider. Scripped Writer claims to be something akin to Google Docs meets Final Draft, allowing writers to compose and save entirely on the web. It’s remote, it’s free, and, presumably, it’s the sort of thing that could facilitate collaboration.

As revisions are precious and as I haven’t tried this, …

Hear Your Script Before You Hit “SEND”

iScript is a service that provides writers with full audio readings of their screenplays by actors for a cool $225. Send your script and payment, get an mp3 in return. Why? Well, if you don’t read aloud to yourself (as you should, shame on you) then this might be the ticket. You may be a director without time to sit through a table reading. Perhaps you want to allow that potential financier to experience the world of your script …