Five Steps to Tame Your Logline

Loglines are hard. It’s true. Creating those snappy compressed bites of your story can feel more draining than writing the entire story itself. No one said they were easy but they are essential. Here are a few tips on how to create a great logline for your story.

Start with one page. Get out a blank sheet and challenge yourself to say all you can about your story …

Outlines, Treatments, & Pitches

We spend so much time working to perfect our stories, we often neglect a great little tool: The Outline.

With its partners, treatments and pitches, the outline is not only a compact way to communicate your premise but also a great way to rein in the sprawl of your thinking and focus on the key elements in your and your writing …

How to Be a Script Reader and Give Great Coverage

I received an email today from someone in New York asking how to become as Script Reader and I thought, “If she wants to know, maybe you want to as well. “

Reading services aren’t just for the big studios, there are directors, actors, producers, investors, and book publishers everywhere who need screenplays evaluated–or “covered”.

Here’s what I told her: Read a …