Outlines, Treatments, & Pitches

We spend so much time working to perfect our stories, we often neglect a great little tool: The Outline.

With its partners, treatments and pitches, the outline is not only a compact way to communicate your premise but also a great way to rein in the sprawl of your thinking and focus on the key elements in your and your writing …

New Writers! Be Unafraid! 10 Tips for Diving In

While many of you loyal STORY SPOT readers are seasoned vets in the glorious trenches of story-making, some of you are just dipping your trembling toes into this murky, but enticing, sea. These tips (and a few Davids) may prove valuable to all regardless of where you are in your writing life.

10 Tips for Diving Into A Fresh Story

Writer’s Block Busters

Writer’s Block is a serious matter. It can cause stress, anxiety, and a sense that a project will never come to fruition. The worse part is that those very emotions feed the block itself. It’s a painful, frustrating cycle and one that’s all too familiar to writers of all forms and genres.

You are not alone.

Ask most any writer and they’ll likely …

Focus on the Protagonist

When stories stray from the protagonist and the events of her journey to serve up “interesting” secondary characters’ lives and/or large, intangible world events, the result is often a fuzzy narrative that doesn’t captivate its audience.

The elemental principle here: Focus on the Protagonist.

Holding focus on a single person throughout a narrative satisfies our unconscious, innate need to relate to …