Crushing It: An Interactive Twitter Soap

Now here’s something interesting in the world of interactive storytelling. Crushing It is a comedy series/soap unfolding right now, in real time, on Twitter. How’s that, you say? Series Creator Jill Golick has dreamed into reality a setting, characters, and a hijinks-fraught storyline then turned them loose on Twitter for one week only.

“Think of this as an improv performance on the virtual stage of the Internet,” they say. We’ll think of it …

Are YOU Our 200th Twitter Follower?

We couldn’t be more pleased with all our new Twitter friends. To celebrate this growing community of story enthusiasts, we will be once again giving away a freebie! Our 200th follower will receive one hour of free story consultation on the project of their choice. That will include in-depth project review, a telephone or chat conversation, and follow-up to ensure you’re on your way to …

Our 100th Twitter Follower!

Who knew? It’s so very exciting to have 100 story enthusiasts with us here at THE STORY SPOT via the Twitter service. We’re relatively new to *actually* using this simple yet powerful service (though we’ve been interested lurkers since Day One). It’s been brilliantly rewarding to interact with you all in this meaningful and immediate way. So thanks everyone.

This week, Blake/Evenlake, the man behind