Jay Walker’s Library of Human Imagination And You

We writers are imagineers. We are seers. We create emotional experiences for tomorrow’s readers, viewers, and listeners through our stories today. Inventor Jay Walker is the curator of the Library of Human Imagination. The private library is his personal monument to human ingenuity — without which we writers would be lost. It is, without doubt, glorious.

This TED talk offers not only an interesting bit of history about the printed book but also Walker’s take on creativity:

So how do we create? [...We] …

Alex Epstein’s Webinar on The Hook – July 25, 2009

Screenwriter Alex Epstein (of Complications Ensue fame) will be teaching a  webinar in July on one of our favorite subjects: The Hook.

Webinars, as you know, are great, accessible brush-up classes for those in the trenches as well as a low-pressure, low-cost subject intro to new writers.

Support your writing (and Alex’s writing life — full-circle, people) by signing up today.

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Scene Openings: a Scriptcast from John August

Those of you who read THE STORY SPOT regularly will know that we’re fans of screenwriter John August’s highly entertaining and informative blog. Recently, he posted a little video about tightening up the openings of your scenes. Just because it’s screenwriting-focused, doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant to you novelists and memoirists out there.

In a nutshell, the illustrious Mr. August illustrates how to get to the core action of the scene right away while adding a bit of visual color along the …

Gestures Illustrated

As you probably already know, one gesture from a character can communicate more in an instant that anything they might say in a paragraph of diagloue.

Here is a nice little case-in-point. Behold the music video for “First Day of My Life” by Bright Eyes. Notice the many, many ways these people are conveying their love without uttering a single word (a nose on a shoulder, stroking a forehead).

G’head. Mute it, even. I dare you.

Bright Eyes’ “First …