Some Words Never Die

From the Washington Post: “Linguists identify 15,000-year-old ‘ultraconserved words’

Language scientists have discovered:

words that have descended largely unchanged from a language that died out as the glaciers retreated at the end of the last Ice Age. Those few words mean the same thing, and sound almost the same, as they did then.

It’s a fascinating read about the ever-changing — and sometimes immobile — landscape of language.

And a …

OMG. Grammar Girl RULES!

This is so exciting, I can’t stand it…

When I’m too lazy to dig out the Chicago Manual, I turn to a bevy of online sites to help with word usage. Today, I found Grammar Girl (all hail!). She’s not only a sassy vixen but she simplifies all your most pressing grammar needs into memorable, usable, bites. I highly recommend you stop by and say hello.

You go Grammar Girl. Get on with your bad self.

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