Tara Ison’s The List

Here’s a shameless plug for a friend’s book. I just finished it (though it’s been out for a little while) and I highly recommend you pick up a copy.

Tara Ison’s The List is firmly set in LA, offering tidbits of life in a city obsessed by stories told on celluloid. Tara’s writing is witty, fun, and capable of effortlessly transporting her readers (well, me anyway) into the very heart of her characters’ lives making me turn those pages to see how it ends. What’s better than that?

Okay, for fear of this sounding like some sort of review or blurb or something, I’ll leave you with a recommendation to read The List, especially if you live in LA and have struggled, at some point, with reconciling your love of art with what your momma always told you.

Check out The List via my aStore or at your local library and visit Tara’s site here.

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And a tiny url for your sharing pleasure: http://tinyurl.com/cf4ndtq

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