The Knotted Line from Erik Loyer

From interactive artist Erik Loyer (Opertoon, Strange Rain) comes another innovation in the art of storytelling. This time, the project aims to educate, engage, and “explore the historical relationship between freedom and confinement in the United States.”

We simply call it brilliant (and fun!)

From the announcement:

The project, a collaboration with artist and project director Evan Bissel, sets miniature paintings of over 50 historical moments from 1495-2025 in a fluid timeline that users must push and prod to reveal its contents.

Intended as an standalone experience as well as a resource for educators, The Knotted Line annotates its timeline with an extensive collection of media, discussion questions, and recommendations for further exploration. All visual data and original content of the project is freely accessible for remix under a Creative Commons license thanks to the Scalar publishing platform.

Check out The Knotted Line
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