Why LA Rules (or How I Learned to Love Higher Education)

I’m going to take this minute to plug my MFA program (again). Only here in LA can you get the kind of open-minded, diverse, rigourous, and utterly creative masters’ degree a girl like me needs. And recently, Antioch University Los Angeles was named by The Atlantic one of the “five top low-residency MFA programs” in the country.

Why? See that guy up above? He’s the program Chair (hi Steve!) He’s dedicated his life to providing the kind of education and encouragement that fledgling writers need in school and beyond. I’ve never seen him in a suit and he’s never once uttered the phrase “competitive placement” in my presence. That’s not what this MFA is about.

Having been accepted at other school’s programs, I chose Antioch because of its faculty and its “MFA program specifically devoted to literature and the pursuit of social justice.” Now, a year and a bit later, I’m making my living writing (it’s true!) and find myself using many of the program’s practical goodies (setting a semi-annual plan, prepping and teaching a workshop, connecting to my writing community, etc.) Oh, and yeah, I’m a better writer. As Steve said when he welcomed us on our first night as MFA students, this program changed my life.

So, if you’re a writer or poet in need of the kind of support and mentorship that an MFA program can provide, why not apply?

And a tiny url for your sharing pleasure: http://tinyurl.com/ch2nlc3

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