Writer’s Block Busters

Writer’s Block is a serious matter. It can cause stress, anxiety, and a sense that a project will never come to fruition. The worse part is that those very emotions feed the block itself. It’s a painful, frustrating cycle and one that’s all too familiar to writers of all forms and genres.

You are not alone.

Ask most any writer and they’ll likely recall a time when their words ceased to flow. How to cope? You may tell yourself to work harder or faster or you may set yourself on a strict, rigid routine. Perhaps you’ll read several books on craft before digging into endless writing exercises. Any or all of these may do the trick (a fantastic thing!) but sometimes taking a break and getting some perspective what the doctor ordered.

THE STORY SPOT to the rescue.

Our Writer’s Block Buster package will take your project out of your hands for one week and return it to you along with a selection of suggestions — specific to your project — for you to tackle one at a time.

At the outset, you’ll share with your story consultant the issues that that you are having with the work. Then you’ll turn it over to your consultant partner. During that week, you’ll do your very best not to think about your project, write about it, or stress about it. You’ll make a commitment not to open your project notebook or file. It will be out of your hands. Your story consultant will review the piece with your input in mind and compile a list of five to ten Writer’s Block Busters designed to lift you from your place of immobility. Writer’s Block Busters may be:

  • alternative story suggestions
  • writing prompts or exercises
  • reading assignments
  • experiential assignments…

…a combination of the above or none of the above in lieu of something completely different. Your Writer’s Block Busters will be created especially for you and your project alone. Each assignment is totally personal, designed to help you succeed.

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