“You Don’t Make Me Feel” from UNK

This visual jamboree CAN improve your stories –via UNK

Pop over to The Unknown Screenwriter for an impassioned plea to screenwriters to dig deep down and unearth their emotional cahones. UNK is p.o.’d at the state of filmmaking today and I say, “here, here!”

What are you afraid of? Maybe YOU don’t know how to feel. That would certainly explain why YOU don’t make me feel… Anything. You’re so caught up in creating some GAG that you forgot to make me feel anything about your story… Your characters. Your screenplay. [...] Did you FORGET? Did you get so caught up in creating some kind of WHAMMO every ten pages that you forgot to elicit some kind of emotion from me?

Read the rest at The Unknown Screenwriter then come back here to find out what to do about it.

You Don’t Make Me Feel” at the Unknown Screenwriter
Creating Emotion. There IS a Better Way” right here on The Story Spot.

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